Memoriams and We Remember by Ancestry Help Lives Live on Forever

Memoriams and We Remember by Ancestry Help Lives Live on Forever

Memoriams’ mission is to assist families on their most difficult day. The communication of obituary and service information is an important public service to communities. The task of obituary placement, which often falls on funeral homes, should be simple and easy. We know from funeral home partners that the family frequently requires placing the obituary in multiple markets. Memoriams, the nations’ only network of over 3000 media outlets, does just that.

Memoriams saves funeral homes time and allows them to best serve families in all their obituary needs.

An immediate proof depicts an exact replica of the obituary for print or digital. Exact costs are also presented at point of purchase. As a further benefit, funeral directors know right away if photos are of good image quality for publication and if they are cropped properly. There are no surprises later. Daily customer support is available for any questions, and our exclusive loyalty program recognizes the efforts of funeral directors in entering obituaries. The best part, the many challenges of placing instantly in other markets is resolved in one order. What was once a complicated and arduous process is now fast and simple.

We Remember is a meaningful digital memorial from its parent company, Ancestry. It enhances and extends the value of the obituary in perpetuity. This no-cost benefit allows families, friends and colleagues to have a beautiful place for recollections, at a natural time for these conversations. Some funeral homes even provide a computer or tablet at the service, as an extension to guestbooks, in order to capture these vivid memories first-hand. There is no work for funeral home personnel to maintain these pages. All moderation and privacy controls are owned by the deceased’s representative. Funeral directors simply enter the family member’s email address at the time of obituary placement, and the Ancestry team manages the rest.

Branding for the funeral home is automatically included on the We Remember memorial. A link back to the funeral home site is placed on every We Remember placed. A further funeral home benefit is the ability to include a search widget on their website. This presents a compilation of all the We Remember pages created by each unique funeral home.

Jessica Lambert, a funeral director at McGann Hay Funeral Home in South Bend, Indiana, appreciates the benefits of We Remember. “I like that it allows the obituary to continue on. We spend so much time writing it, you spend all that money, and no one ever sees it again,” she said.  “If you try to access it a year later, you have to pay for it – and most people aren’t going to do that. I like that you have this opportunity to send it out to everybody that you want – your family, friends – and they, over time, whether it’s now or in two years, they can access that obituary and continue to share stories, pictures, and it doesn’t just end there. It’s another way to continue to share someone’s life and memories, and you find out things about them that you never even knew. Not everybody wants to do Facebook.”

Memoriams is available for free to any funeral director at The We Remember page is embedded in the workflow.